Post-Operative Instructions

Pain medication and any other necessary prescription medications will be provided for you at the time of the pre-operative visit or prior to leaving the surgery center. This will be decided on a patient-to-patient basis. Please use all medications as directed. It may be recommended that you take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications following surgery to help diminish pain and swelling. Please do not take these on an empty stomach, and watch for heartburn and gastric irritation. Unless otherwise instructed, do not take any medication containing aspirin for approximately one week after surgery (aspirin thins the blood and may cause an increase in bleeding tendencies). If you take one aspirin per day for heart protection, please continue to take this. Follow the post-operative instructions Dr. Jeter gives you when you leave the surgery center. For your convenience, you may download specific post-surgical instructions pertaining to your specific area of surgery from this page. However, follow the specific instructions that Dr. Jeter provides to you at the time you leave the surgery center.

Post-Operation Arthroscopic Instructions
Ankle Post-Operative Instructions  

Knee Post-Operative Instructions

Lateral Retinacular Release Post-Operative Instructions  
Rotator Cuff Post-Operative Instructions  
Shoulder Post-Operative Instructions  
Shoulder Stabilization Post-Operative Instructions